New State Water Legislation Mandates

California's enactment of major water legislation in late 2009 charts a course toward improving water supply reliability for a state whose economy is one of the largest in the world. The new water laws affect all public water suppliers in California, imposing new compliance obligations while providing new opportunities to carry out projects that will improve aging storage, conveyance and distribution infrastructure. From new urban water conservation mandates to the setting of instream flow criteria for the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, the legislation imposes a wide range of obligations that are now being carried out and addressed by local, state and federal government agencies.

This web page offers a summary of the legislation's mandates and objectives, provides copies of the different bills comprising the legislation, and will provide ongoing updates describing significant events arising as the legislation is carried out.

For a summary and copies of the five separate bills comprising the new water legislation, click here.

List Updates By: Category | Date

08/05/2011 Delta Stewardship Council Releases Draft Version of Delta Plan
08/05/2011 $11 Billion Water Bond Likely To Appear On Ballot
08/04/2011 DWR Unveils Online Submittal Tool for Urban Water Management
08/04/2011 DWR to Hold Hearings on Agricultural Water Use Efficiency Regulations
02/01/2011 Bill Would Cut $11 Billion Water Bond By 25 Percent For November 2012 Vote
01/11/2011 Delta Watermaster: State Board Should Ramp Up Enforcement Against Unreasonable Agricultural Water Use And Promote Transfers of Conserved Irrigation Water
11/17/2010 DWR Provides Additional Guidance on Requirements to Become Groundwater Monitoring Entities
09/27/2010 UWMP Update Deadline Extended to July 2011 for Wholesale Water Suppliers
09/14/2010 DWR: State Groundwater Monitoring Standards To Emphasize Local Control

NRDC's Felicia Marcus to Replace NHI's Richard Roos-Collins on Delta Stewardship Council

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has appointed Felicia Marcus, western director of the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), to the Delta Stewardship Council. [more...]


State Board Adopts Delta Flow Criteria

The State Water Resources Control Board (State Board) on August 3, 2010, adopted Delta flow criteria pursuant to the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta Reform Act that was passed in late 2009. [more...]

08/10/2010 Legislature Postpones Vote on $11 Billion Water Bond until 2012
08/04/2010 DWR, ACWA Schedule Additional Groundwater Monitoring Workshops

State Water Board Issues Draft Delta Flow Criteria and Requests Comments for August 3 Approval Meeting

Draft recommendations would boost Delta inflow and outflow, but State Board cautions that fishery response is uncertain, holistic approach addressing pollutants and other factors is essential, and application of flow criteria would require public trust balancing that recognizes public water supply values. [more...]

07/19/2010 DWR, ACWA to Hold Groundwater Monitoring Workshops in Advance of 2011 Deadline
07/14/2010 Delta Stewardship Council Appoints Members of Delta Science Board
07/13/2010 State Water Board Names Delta Watermaster

Delta Stewardship Council Intends to Adopt Interim Delta Plan in August

The Delta Stewardship Council (Council) is quickly nearing completion of its Interim Delta Plan. It issued a first draft on June 14 and intends to issue two more drafts for public comment before adopting a final Interim Delta Plan on August 27, 2010.  [more...]

07/12/2010 DWR to Hold Listening Sessions on Agricultural Water Management Plan Requirements
06/30/2010 Schwarzenegger Seeks to Postpone $11 Billion Water Bond Vote to 2012

State to Issue Draft Delta Flow Criteria in July

In July, the State Water Resources Control Board (“State Board”) plans to issue draft “flow criteria for the Delta ecosystem necessary to protect public trust resources.”  [more...]

06/24/2010 Bill Would Bar Private Enterprise from Participating in Bond-funded Storage Projects
06/24/2010 July 1 Deadline Looms for Water Users to Report Diversions to State
05/10/2010 State Recruits Water Rights Enforcers
04/14/2010 All Seven Members of the Delta Stewardship Council Appointed; Council Holds First Meeting and Takes First Actions
04/14/2010 ACWA, NRDC Endorse $11 Billion Water Bond as Sierra Club, Farm Workers Oppose Measure Slated for November Ballot[br]

In the November 2, 2010 statewide general election, voters will be asked to approve the $11.14 billion bond measure associated with SB X7-2 (“SB 2”), the “Safe, Clean and Reliable Drinking Water Supply Act of 2010.”  [more...]

04/07/2010 DWR Kicks Off SB 7 Administrative Processes
03/04/2010 DWR Requests Comments on SB 7's 20% Urban Conservation Mandate