Real Estate and Land Use Law

We know the process of turning "dirt" into projects, and how to guide our clients through every legal and political step along the way.

In today's increasingly complex real estate market, moving a project from dirt to completion is often fraught with numerous legal, financial, political and environmental challenges. Kronick's team of real estate attorneys understand the issues our clients face and help them analyze and negotiate the intricate aspects of real estate, land use and financial transactions for development projects throughout California.

Kronick real estate attorneys partner with clients and their engineers and consultants, and work closely with governmental staff and decision-makers, to ensure that our client's objectives are met in the most timely and cost-effective manner possible, while also satisfying governmental concerns and requirements.

Our clients have the benefit of a real estate team of attorneys who have successfully represented parties in all aspects of real estate and land use transactions, giving them a greater perspective on the core issues facing each party. This well-rounded and insightful approach helps them effectively bring parties to agreement, and leads to streamlined resolutions on projects.

Our Scope of Services

Real Estate

Land Use

  • land use planning, consulting, entitlements and litigation
    • General plan, zoning, Map Act and development agreements
    • Conditional use, permits, variances and airport land use compliance
  • Environmental Considerations (CEQA, NEPA, ESA and global warming)
  • Dedications and Development Impact Fees
  • Williamson Act compliance and Agricultural Conservation Easements
  • Open Space Easements
  • Agricultural landowner representation

Mineral and Surface Accommodation

In addition to the wealth of expertise that Kronick attorneys possess in the areas of environmental, energy, and water law, our attorneys are also well-versed in issues concerning the balancing and accommodation of mineral and surface rights. The successful development of real estate and the processing of entitlements are often highly dependent on the advice of counsel knowledgeable in each of these highly specialized areas of law.