Climate Change

The global issue of Climate Change is emerging as one of the major legal and public policy issues of our time.

At Kronick, we believe that a multidisciplinary approach is the best way to effectively advise our clients on the myriad of issues raised by the regulation of greenhouse gas emissions to reduce the rate of climate change.

Built on the firm's extensive experience in environmental regulatory compliance as well as in public-private development and land use transactions, our Climate Change team draws on the collaborative expertise of our environmental, public agency, real estate and land use attorneys to help clients evaluate how their industry or business may be affected by climate change, including current and impending regulations, and determine the appropriate actions they should consider or take.

Our Scope of Services

  • Regulatory advice and compliance with GHG laws and regulations, including AB 32, SB 97 and SB 375
  • Work with clients to develop approaches for analyzing climate change impacts under CEQA and NEPA
  • Advise local governments on the development of climate change programs, including programs to inventory their GHG emissions and adopt measures and policies that reduce their “carbon footprints”
  • Advise private developers on plans and project elements to reduce GHG emissions, including transportation demand management plans, green building, energy conservation, emissions reductions, resource conservation and broad-based planning policies
  • Advise public and private clients on the development of green building programs and sustainable construction practices, including energy efficiency measures and the use of recycled materials
  • Assistance in emission reduction projects:
    • Draft and negotiate emission-reduction credit purchase agreements
    • Due diligence designed to analyze a project's economic and technical viability
    • Issues relating to project financing
    • Project structuring, such as providing advice from a tax perspective in order to optimize taxation of GHG reduction credits
  • Litigation relating to compliance with climate change laws